Katie Holder Cake for 11/1

Katie Holder Cake for 11/1

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Pickup Date: FRI 11/1

Pickup Time: 12P



size: 1/2 sheet with 1/8th sheet on top ($290)

flavor: devil's food cake with chocolate buttercream


  • covered in deep blue marble to look like water ($60)
  • 1/8th sheet cake will be on top, carved down into the shape of a Coors Lite Can
  • the 1/8th sheet will be carved, covered in fondant, and detailed to look like a Coors Lite Can around the outside and will be carved out and detailed in the center to look like the inside of a boat ($70)
  • In the boat will be a figurine of Paul in a simple cartoony style ($65) with a set of fondant oars ($20)
  • there will be piped detailing around where the oars and the boat hits the fondant to look like water ($30)
  • around the base of the cake will be a blue, 2D fondant band ($35)
  • there will be a banner with “Paul Holder: The Real Silver Bullet” painted on it ($15)



total: $585 + tax

Invoice must be paid by 10/15


Invoiced by: Emma