Custom Order for Samantha Byrd-Fulbright

Custom Order for Samantha Byrd-Fulbright

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Pickup Date: Tuesday 3-31 

Pickup Time: 11am

Cake: Almond cake

size: 10" SQUARE 

flavor: Raspberry jam, chambord buttercream


  • A 10" square cake that would be covered in navy blue fondant with either a golden yellow or gold painted fondant band. Around the front 3 sides of the cake there will be a fondant plaque detailed piece with the image printed on edible paper and additional 3d details piped and painted on in royal icing. (the images to include the US Cyber command, Citadel and Air Force Seal logos) The top of the cake would have a large textured fondant gold oak leaf with a banner that says "Congratulations Major Swinton" with the lettering painted in gold. 

    The pricing for this would be as follows: 

    10"x4"  square cake - $115
    Navy Fondant cover  - $35
    Gold painted fondant band  - $20
    3 edible image plaques with piped and painted detailing  - $50
    Oak leaf topper - $35
    Banner - $15 

    Total: $270

inscription: None


total: $270 + tax

Invoice must be paid by XX

Invoiced by: Tiffany