Emily Butler Order for 11/15

Emily Butler Order for 11/15

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Delivery Date: FRI 11/15

Delivery Time: TBD

Delivery to The Ritz Carlton - 1150 22nd St NW

Emily Butler - 562-884-9789



  • 400x boxes of 2 macarons ($1.50 each, $600)
  1. 400x ivory shelled macarons ($2.10 each, $840 total) - FLAVOR TBD
  2. 400x ivory shelled macarons with a small application of gold leaf with room left for Laura Hooper to paint a Mehndi design on them ($2.50 each, $1000 total) - FLAVOR TBD
  • boxes will be boxed with open lids with just the ivory macaron in them
  • the macarons with a little gold leaf will be packed loose so Laura Hooper can paint on them


total: $2515 + tax

Invoice must be paid by 11/4


Invoiced by: Emma