Gender Reveal Cake

Gender Reveal Cake

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Our gender reveal cake will have pink and blue watercolor around the sides and the inscription will be piped in yellow!

Once this order is placed, we will reach out via email to coordinate the gender results! We need the gender results in hand at least 72 hours prior to pickup!

Once this order is placed, please do not call to make changes as someone might inadvertently reveal the gender! 

A bit about our cakes: Our cakes tend to be more dense and moist vs light and fluffy. Closer to a pound cake than an airy chiffon cake. The buttercream is Italian Meringue style which is a bit less sweet and a lot more buttery.  It is imperative that the cake is eaten at room temperature so it should be out of refrigeration at least 4-5 hours before enjoying.  Since it has fondant on it please make sure the room the cake is held in is air conditioned.