Jack and Coke Cake
Jack and Coke Cake

Jack and Coke Cake

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Pickup Date: Saturday, 11/23

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size: 8" Tall, 8" layers at the top and bottom, 9" layers in the middle (serves 32 - 34, $150, similar to attached image but more squat)

flavor: Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream (please soak cake well - cupcake tried at consultation was slightly dry.)


  • It will be covered in fondant and decorated to look like a bourbon barrel (see first attached photo, $125)
  • It will have edible images like the first image attached. The " Jack Daniels " will be printed in WHITE and the No.7 will be the same format as the first attached image ($40.)
  • On top will be piped buttercream poofs (see second imaged attached, $10)
  • In the buttercream poofs will be an airplane bottle of Jack Daniels (supplied by client) with a 3D fondant figurine of the Coca Cola Polar Bear with a red scarf holding a mini coke bottle (the bottle will be too small to print the coke logo onto it, but it will have a red label) sitting next to the airplane bottle ($70.)

inscription: " Happy Birthday Mayor Amit! " (piped on the base board in red buttercream)


total: $395 + tax

Invoice must be paid by 11/20


Invoiced by: Laura