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size: 10"

flavor: devil's food cake with chocolate buttercream between the layers and vanilla buttercream on the outside


- The cake will be covered in light blue buttercream ($5.) - On the front will be a hand cut yellow dump truck ($40.)
- There will be some 2D fondant clouds to the sides ($10.)
- There will be 3 little safety cones - 3 on top ($30 - $10 each.)
- Sprinkled throughout the design will be 3 small 3D fondant bunnies ($15 each - $45 total)
- On top will be a black, standing "2" topper with white dashes (to look like a road) ($15)
- Next to the topper will be a small pile of rocks ($10.)
- Around the base of the cake will be a 2D fondant banner with "Happy Birthday Will" painted on it ($15)




size: 5" smash $25

flavor: funfetti cake with vanilla buttercream


  • light blue watercolor
  • a small 3D fondant bunny on top ($15)
  • a black, standing "2" topper on top with white dashes (to look like a road) ($15)



total: $315 + tax

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