Micheline DiNardo - Absolut Cake - 11/22

Micheline DiNardo - Absolut Cake - 11/22

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Delivery Date: Friday, 11/22

Delivery Time: Decided at check out



size: 2 tier with spacer (7"x4" faux top tier, spacer provided by client, 9"x6" real bottom tier, $95)

flavor: Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Buttercream


  • faux top tier covered in hot pink fondant with a quilted pattern (similar but not identical to the inspiration image, $50.)
  • thin silver (not glitter) band around the base of the top tier ($20)
  • white fondant cover over the bottom tier ($20) with vertical silver (not glitter) bands down the cake ($25.)
  • Absolut bottles have been provided by the client. We will mark on the bottom tier where to place the bottles. They will be delivered separately.
  • *** SEND WITH GLOVES *** (Will be delivered in 3 packages total)


total: $210 + tax

Invoice must be paid by 11/4


Invoiced by: Laura