Saebina Saradpon - Swan Cake - 10/1

Saebina Saradpon - Swan Cake - 10/1

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Pickup Date: Tuesday, 10/1 

Pickup Time: 9AM



size: 7"x6" cake ($77)

flavor: funfetti cake with cotton candy buttercream between the layers and vanilla on the outside


  • covered in white chocolate swipes to look like feathers ($40). There will be subtle gold painted accents on the "feathers" ($10) and gold leaf accents - one sheet applied randomly around the cake ($12).
  • On top of the cake will be a 3D fondant swan neck and head. It will be smaller than in the inspiration image, to be proportionate to this cake size. It will have a gold crown on top and the beak will also be painted gold ($45).



Paid $202.40 via Square on 9/9


Invoiced by: Emma