Tuttie Fruittie Cake

Tuttie Fruittie Cake

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The cutest little cake we ever did see. Perfect for a summer soiree or a two-tie fruttie theme kids party.  Your choice of flavor tucked into an adorable watermelon design.  Option matching topper is the perfect addition to really take the cute factor over the top!

If you would like an inscription, please keep it to 3-5 words and it will be piped on top of the cake if there is no topper or around the front of the cake, on the cake board, in a complementary color!

If you are looking for a smash cake to accompany your theme cake, our 6" cake is the perfectly smashable size! We recommend our funfetti cake and you can choose either the standard design or the watercolor of your choice!

A bit about our cakes: Our cakes tend to be more dense and moist vs light and fluffy. Closer to a pound cake than an airy chiffon cake. The buttercream is Italian Meringue style which is a bit less sweet and a lot more buttery.  It is imperative that the cake is eaten at room temperature so it should be out of refrigeration at least 4-5 hours before enjoying.  Since it has fondant on it please make sure the room the cake is held in is air conditioned.