Custom Orders

What is the lead time for custom cake orders?

We recommend reaching out for custom cake orders at 4-8 weeks in advance of pick up. We do our best to accommodate last minute requests but, to avoid disappointment, we suggest reaching out as soon as your date and design concept has been decided. Most can be produced within 8 days of received payment, but MANY require more time, especially theme cakes.

Do you ship any bakery goods?

At this time we are unable to ship our pastries. They are pretty and delicate and do not ship well. Sorry! That said we do offer out baking kits for national shipping!

What is the range in price for your cakes?

Our smallest smash cake starts at $30 and prices of custom cakes increase based on size and design. Take a spin around our online store store to see our starting prices. Click HERE for additional generalized pricing about custom cake designs. Most theme cakes start at $200+ for a simple design. When looking at designs it is important to try and consider time. Each piece is hand made so if there are a lot of pieces then the cake will be more costly than a simple buttercream design.

When is payment due?

We require pre-payment for all pre-orders. Payment is due at the time of booking. Until payment is received the order is not finalized or in our calendar and the date can be lost.

Orders and Payments

Can I modify or cancel my order?

Once an invoice is paid we do not allow for changes of any kind. We are working with an extremely small team and an organized system for producing fondant pieces and other items for each cake and the process for changing a design is rather complicating. We do not allow cancelations for any reason. Please be sure to read the contract included in the invoice for clear rules on changes after payment is received.

Popular Shop Questions

Is there parking?

Street parking is often available. There is a large no-parking space in front of the bakery that clients often pull into for quick pick ups. We can not be responsible for any tickets out clients may receive if parked in this spot but we will gladly help you carry things out to your car to help expedite things!

What are your hours of operation?

We are not open to the public but we do offer pickup by appointment Tuesday-Saturday. Appointments will be scheduled within the invoice.

Are you open on holidays?

We are closed Christmas, Thanksgiving and January 1-12. We also have limited hours around major holidays.

Cakes and Storage

How should I store my Buttercream baked goods?

We recommend picking your cake up the day of your event or the day before if the cake is being served before noon. The key to enjoy our cakes (or any cake for that matter) is temperature. We suggest cakes are left at room temperature at least 5-6 hours depending on the size of the cake and temperature of the room. Smash cakes must be left overnight to ensure soft, smashable buttercream. We will include a card with cake care instructions when you pick up your cake but be sure to account for the time necessary at room temperature!

My cake has fondant. How do I store this cake?

We do our best to control the environment the cakes are stored but we can’t know the environment they are being delivered to. Occasionally, cakes with fondant will form an air bubble beneath the fondant. If this happens, DON’T PANIC! Text us during business hours (8a-4p) and we will talk you through a solution! Ideally, a fondant cake is kept in an air-conditioned, low humidity room.

How should I store my sweet treats?

As a habit, anything that was purchased at our storefront that was refrigerated should stay refrigerated and anything kept at room temp should stay at room temperature. If you are planning on eating them the next day, we recommend storing them in an airtight container.

How should I store my leftover cake?

We highly recommend ordering extra cake, because there is truly nothing better than cake for breakfast! And if stored correctly it keeps for days or longer. Keep as much of the cake whole as possible, and press plastic wrap, parchment, or wax paper firmly to the cut side of the cake, so the only thing exposed to air is buttercream. Keep refrigerated and bring the portion to plan to enjoy to room temperature before eating.